The mediums through which we choose to seek out spirituality are endless. The arts have always proven to be a method for searching and finding more about ourselves. For Toronto based multi-media artist Jasmin Pannu,  it’s not only through her artwork that she finds fulfillment but through animals and wildlife. Jasmin shares with us the “Wildlife Collection” which is a series of animal portraits and an exploration of spirituality, consciousness and connectivity. Having professionally done henna since age 15, many of the stylistic techniques used in her artwork stem from what she learned. Jasmin was kind enough to speak more about why she chose these animals in particular and what they mean to her.

The animals I choose to portray in my Wildlife Collection carry popularly known meaning and symbolism with them. When I create my art, it’s with the intention that it carries its energy with it to its future space. And so, each and every animal depicted in my collection tells a story of significance. For example, “Sybil”, the elephant, is named after Greek Mythology, and her name translates to “prophetess.” Her story is one of mysticism, wisdom,  divine inspiration, and she brings this energy with her.  

I have always been an animal-person. I’m drawn to their undeniable connection to nature. They have abilities and intuition that, in many cases, far exceed our own. They also have raw, unapologetic beauty and personalities. Through what I’ve learned over the years, I’ve come to deny the cultural narrative that we are somehow superior to other animals, and instead have developed a strong respect and admiration for all living things, as equals. […] I donate a portion of proceeds from my artwork to conservation efforts, I’ve transitioned to vegetarianism, then veganism, and I foster animals when possible.”

Jasmin began working on this collection in January of 2017, slowly adding more animals over time, some which have even come about through commision orders.

Maharani,’ the tiger, was a customized piece made to be a reflection of my client’s traits. The piece is a testament to her strength, because similar to a tiger’s, it’s the kind that is quiet and effortless as true power; dominion does not need to be proclaimed. ”

Maharani, the Tiger.

With plans to one day host an art show of her own, keep up with Jasmin’s work through her Instagram  and make sure to take a look at more of her work on her website:



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